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あなたもこんな体験しませんか? 次のイベントは一緒に参加しましょう!

Thank you to Shinichi Tanimura for taking a lot of great pictures for 6 years of awesome events!!

Shinichi is a Power English Student and Photographer

Dance! Dance! Dance! 今夜はNagoya SwingsとSteppersによるダンスパーティー。

Power English teacher and students

Japan vs. Australia - A fantastic match with over 350 Japanese and Australians cheering for their home countries. It was very close but of course JAPAN won the match 1-0. We almost have enough wins to qualify for the Worldcup. 
Come on Japan!

今回のMixer Partyのテーマは、オーストラリア。 濃厚なおいしさシェパードパイも食べ放題に含まれていて、大満足!! ゲームに勝ったチームは、Red Rockの1500円分のお食事券。
さらにラッキーな方にはiPod Shuffleが当たりました!! Mixer party with an Australian theme - cool! Lots of delicious food including Shepard's Pie. A super fun game where everyone was put into groups and had to put together a puzzle. The winners got 1500 yen gift certificates to Red Rock and of course one lucky ipod Shuffle ...continue reading "Aussie Mixer Party"

名古屋の有名なビアガーデン「マイアミ」。ビル取り壊しのため、今年で最後...思う存分「マイアミ」の雰囲気を楽しみました。 Miami Beer Garden is one of oldest and famous beer gardens in Nagoya. Unfortunately this was the last party that we will ever be able to have there since they will be tearing down the building.