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名古屋の有名なビアガーデン「マイアミ」。ビル取り壊しのため、今年で最後...思う存分「マイアミ」の雰囲気を楽しみました。 Miami Beer Garden is one of oldest and famous beer gardens in Nagoya. Unfortunately this was the last party that we will ever be able to have there since they will be tearing down the building.

焼肉大好き!!今回は春日井にある「団十郎」へお邪魔しました。 コウジさん、International Gohan Clubの幹事ありがとう。 Everybody loves yakiniku! 
This time 20 of us went to eat lots of meat at Dangerou Restaurant in Kasugai. Thanks Koji for arranging this edition of the International Gohan Club!